James helps people and groups to open up, and unearth views and ideas that may previously have been dormant.

James did an outstanding job of creating an environment in which everyone felt able to open up and share. James recommended using Lego Serious Play to achieve these goals and he nailed it.

There’s a leap of faith to be made, but if you do step out you’ll realise the unknown-unknowns that make all the difference to growing a brand, team and company.
— Luke Errington, Founder & MD, Swoop Patagonia, Swoop Antarctica, Swoop Arctic

We had a great idea, we had great people, and we had great ambition. What we were short on was clarity, direction, and structure. Having very limited experience and knowledge in the online space, we were a bit lost and daunted by the perceived size of the task ahead. James enabled us to break it down into bite sized chunks. Furthermore, he guided us to which parts should be tackled first. He gave great support and insight. I firmly believe that without James’ input we would be very far behind where we are now. I would highly recommend him to any start-up who wishes to super charge their idea and get beyond the planning stage into making things really happen. We continue to work with James and consider him a central component of our adventure.
— Ciaran Hughes, CEO at Bluerock Project

Coaching is an art of elicitation that James clearly lives and breathes.

Through the art of conversation (and various lines of questioning) James is able to help the individual navigate their own circumstance by focusing on options, insight and practical measures in equal measure.

James’ style, whilst understated, is edged with humour and empathy. The value is emergent: I have found myself in sessions subconsciously thinking: “wow, so THAT is what i actually think about X” - the implicit becoming explicit in a moment. Insight such as these lead to obvious next steps and individual progress.

For me, coaching has been (and still is) a journey; I feel really privileged to be sharing that journey with such an empathetic and insightful human as James. Whole-heartedly and whole-spiritually recommended.
— Nic Hemley, Head of Development, ScottLogic