Are you the kind of person I can help?

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur or intrapreneur, innovator or founder-team?  Are you working hard to bring about big changes and achieve great things?  Then you’ll be busy, every moment of your day, turning your thoughts into actions.

This means that nothing is more important than the state of your mind.  When it’s clear you have more confidence and energy, you get more done and you make better decisions.  When the reverse is true – and you get sucked into a downward spiral where poor decision create an even worse frame of mind, leading to mistakes, doubts and inertia.

Why is maintaining clarity so damn difficult?  Because you have so much to think about, so many issues to consider and so many decisions to take. But the biggest reason is that you have to work on things you are weak at. This could be finance and cashflow, or sales and marketing, or recruitment and HR – you are crap at it, you don’t like it, you make mistakes and then you feel bad.

The answer is to get yourself a thinking partner – a coach who will help restore your positive state of mind so you can get on with making the right things happen. That’s where I come in, to help you make big changes and achieve your goals more swiftly. Perhaps you want more from life – more peace of mind, more security, more effectiveness, more results.  Or maybe you want less – less confusion, less stress, less financial pressure. In general, people come to coaching because they want a better quality of life – more meaning, greater fulfilment, better balance. Whatever your personal situation and aspirations I can help.


I happily recommend James to anyone in business who is facing a challenge, known or unknown, that may be keeping them stuck in one place.
— Jaki Bent, Founder