Am I the coach you need?

I help entrepreneurs and ambitious business people get the head space to take the next steps towards their immediate goals.  But there’s also a longer term benefit.  I help them discover the very best in themselves, and in others, so they can create a life that is more rewarding and fulfilled.  It’s a journey I’ve been pursuing relentlessly for over 15 years and I’m excited about sharing all I’ve discovered.

When my initial ambition to study furniture design was thwarted I switched to software engineering.  Aged 20 I had a job in Silicon Valley at the peak of the dot com boom - lots of money, a sports car plus unlimited bagels and Mountain Dew! Returning to the UK I became a Business Analyst in finance, took a top Project Manager role in London and began to recognise the value of executive coaching.  

By 2008 I realised something was missing – I wasn’t using my unique talents (whatever they were?!) and was searching for something more meaningful.  Next stop South America with Raleigh International and a bunch of disadvantaged youngsters, building a school for a tribe of indigenous rainforest people.


On my return I found another coach and decided to revisit furniture design.  After retraining I set up my own business and created commissions for the Tower of London, City University London, London Business School and private collectors. However, I was unfulfilled yet again - I decided I preferred working on people rather than wood!

Next, I launched a tech startup.  My team and I successfully developed a clever app that people then decided they didn’t need! In the process I became even more convinced of the value of coaching for entrepreneurs.

I was now being repeatedly asked to share my experiences with entrepreneurs, tech start up teams and dissatisfied executives.  When I resisted, they begged, and even paid!  The message was clear - so I spent over £5000 to retrain as an Executive Coach.  

When Picasso said "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" he was talking directly to me.  After 15 years of painful soul searching, career reboots and even threats of divorce I have finally found what I’m brilliant at, what gives my true self its fullest expression, and how I can best use it to benefit others.  Now I just want to do the same for others!