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About James - Bristol’s Business Coach...

To know me is to know that I love people.

My absolute passion is figuring people out. Figuring out what makes them tick, their strengths, motivations and creative process. 

Then working to help them understand this and spend more time in their zone.

Through my love of people, I come alive when I am with my clients holding space with another person who is trying to figure their sh*t out.

James O'Halloran in a winter coat holding a mug.

Who I Was?

I’ve had a varied past, from working as a Software Engineer in Silicone Valley and Business Analyst in Glasgow, all the way through to furniture designer for The Tower of London, and founding tech start-ups.

I felt unsatisfied with my career experience – I knew there was something more, or perhaps something missing.

I realised it was to serve others. But I still didn’t understand who I am, and what I am good at.

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What Drives Me?

Through my varied experiences, the one common thread was that I adore working with people. Working in demanding environments allowed me to witness how people operate, which I was fascinated about (and I still am). I just love engaging with people and figuring out what motivates them.

My mind is perpetually asking this question:

What would life look like for this person if they were performing at their very best — and what would having a fully supportive environment around them enable?

I am greatly motivated by helping people work authentically with their ambition. I contribute to this. I help to make their goals and ambitions sustainable without burnout along the way. (The journey of a founder is one heck of a rollercoaster ride after all!)

This love for people, this love for what I do, is why I excel at coaching. I just love building strong relationships with my clients and drawing out of them their very best.

How I Roll...

Being outside is really important! I love rock climbing, cycling, running and wild swimming. It is through my love of nature that I encourage my clients to walk with me… and to take our sessions outside often in the woods. It’s amazing the insights that arrive.

James O'Halloran cycling with kids in Wales

What About Now?

As part of my dedication to continually evolve and grow I’m invested in further coaching training, meditation and working to become more conscious.

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