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Team Development Coaching

Exploring the way I work and how Business Coaching can help support you as an individual team leader, CEO, founder or entrepreneur, or as a team member, such as the example below:

Charcoal Blue were in search of a Business Coach who was based in Bristol and who could work together for Group Coaching & Team Development, as well as Personal 1:1 Business Coaching.

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The Problem

Charcoal Blue were keen to find someone with outside perspective – to help, guide and facilitate, and make sure they work together and develop as a group, not just develop as a business.

They recognised that there wasn’t actually anything fundamentally wrong within their organisation or team, yet they saw the opportunity to work more effectively as a leadership team.

As an international team, they were faced with challenges of different personalities and cultures, timezones and working styles.

“We need a vitamin, not a painkiller”

“We needed someone to ask good questions and get us to think in different ways”

The Intervention

In the process of research and seeing who best to work with, Charcoal Blue decided to go with James –

“we wanted someone who is gentle who wouldn’t come in and disrupt everything. We needed someone to listen FIRST.”

After listening the Charcoal Blue’s requirements and understanding that some Directors were new, we designed the Team Building workshop to include:

  • Patrick Lencioni’s Five Disfunction’s of a Team – as a framework for having vulnerable conversations.

  • Clifton Strengths – used to help the individual members of the team to get to know each other’s strengths and talents.

  • Discussions – opportunity to discuss business challenges and pre-empting possible issues.

  • Feedback – opportunity for everyone to share their experience of working together.

  • Team Strengths – identifying gaps within the team.

“In the session itself, James was very measured, and gently steered the team.”

“It’s helped my understanding of my team & has given us a language for conversation” – Ian

The Outcome & Beyond

“Everyone thought the session was really valuable and each team member learned to understand each other’s personalities in more detail without judgement”

“I got a much better understanding of colleagues and got to understand what drives them, which I found really interesting and really useful.”

After the Team Business Coaching, the founder of Charcoal Blue, Ian, wanted to take the working relationship further, and develop 1:1 Business Coaching in Bristol with James:

“During my 1:1 Business Coaching I was pushed into challenging theories and concepts but in a gentle way from James…taking the 1:1 coaching session outside, whilst walking, I really liked as it’s conducive to how I think, and very natural.”
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