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Portrait of Luke Errington.
Luke Errington, Founder & MD: Swoop Patagonia; Swoop Antarctica

Fundamental Change
“[working with James] isn’t about short term ROI, it’s about fundamental change in your personal vision, company direction and management of your team”
Jon Waring providing a testimonial for James O'Halloran, business coach in Bristol.
Jon Waring, Owner 3Sixty - Where travel brands go next

Bold Decisions
“I always come away from our meetings with a sense of clarity and having made some bold decisions. 3Sixty wouldn’t be where we are today without your contribution.”
Portraid of Had Armitstead
Had Armitstea
Leadership & Change Management

Real Care
“James listens and then feeds back in a succinct and helpful way but more than this he asks the questions with real care and at the right time that move me forwards. And the best part is that he gives me space to really think about it. The lights came on during our session!”
Ronal Shah providing a testimonial for James O'Halloran, business coach in Bristol.
Ronal Shah, Founder: FinTeXec (Removing Fear From Trading)

Wide or Detailed
"Excellent business coach. Has the ability to see a business at a wider or detailed level as needed. Combines a great understanding of business and of people. Highly recommended!"
Portrait of Ryan Anthoney
Ryan Anthoney
Founder, Anthropology UX

“Sometimes it is just useful to talk through your thoughts out loud. James is clearly a good listener and provokes further exploration of your own values, helping to get to the core of your being.”
Neef Rehman providing a testimonial for James O'Halloran, business coach in Bristol.
Neef Rehman
Creative Technologist at ustwo

Clarity & Strategy
“James' help has proved invaluable in regards to gaining clarity and outlining strategy.”
A group of women participating in an outdoor Lego team building workshop.
Luke Errington
Founder & MD, Swoop Travel

Unknown - Unknowns
Team Development:
“James helps people and groups to open up, and unearth views and ideas that may previously have been dormant. James did an outstanding job of creating an environment in which everyone felt able to open up and share. James recommended using Lego Serious Play to achieve these goals and he nailed it. There’s a leap of faith to be made, but if you do step out you’ll realise the unknown-unknowns that make all the difference to growing a brand, team and company.”
Jaki King providing a testimonial for James O'Halloran, business coach in Bristol.
Jaki King
Founder: If Everyone Cares CIC

Body Language
“James is impressive with the ease/skill in which he uses gentle (yet targeted) conversation and questions to identify areas for growth and development. He picks up on subtle tone and body language which enables him to focus on where the most value can be gained. I happily recommend James to anyone in business who is facing a challenge, known or unknown, that may be keeping them stuck in one place.”
Martin Rolph
Product Management

Highly Recommended
“I had a series of coaching sessions with James at a time when I was feeling very stuck in my career and was unsure how to move forwards. His expertise doesn't come cheap which did give me pause at first but I'm glad I looked past that as I found our sessions invaluable. He helped me understand my strengths, gain clarity about what exactly I wanted from my career and move forward with confidence. Highly recommended.”
Tom Savage at TEDx Bristol providing a testimonial for James O'Halloran, business coach in Bristol.
Tom Savage
Founder: Wholi, Brilliant Africa…

Empathy & Focus
“James came highly recommended as a coach from a number of people that I respect and I'm so glad that I took the plunge. Despite not having done coaching before - it's proven to be a very rewarding process. James is incredibly passionate about finding ways to help support entrepreneurs with the rollercoaster that is startup life. He has a rare combination of adaptability, empathy, focus and intensity that makes every session distinct, beneficial and interesting. I wish I'd started coaching earlier and would highly recommend others invest in their personal growth. If you do, be sure to look James up.”
Portrait of Nicola Ainger.
Nicola (Huntley) Ainger
Senior Project Manager

Extremely Enlightening
“From my first session, James helped me find the space to think clearly. By signposting me to some great tools, he helped me identify my transferrable skills and talents and how best to put them to use. During our sessions James reflected back to me so I could get clarity on my thought processes, both positive and negative, and really understand myself as well as how I come across to others. This was extremely enlightening. James flexible approach ensured that I got what I needed from each session including providing excellent summaries of our conversations afterwards so I could follow up consistently. Over the course of our coaching James helped me regain my confidence and figure out how to move forward. I highly recommend James’ coaching for people who want help identifying their talents and to regain their sense of direction and find the confidence to move forward.”
Portrait of Nic Hemley.
Nic Hemley
BrisTech Founder, Technologist

“Coaching is an art of elicitation that James clearly lives and breathes. Through the art of conversation (and various lines of questioning) James is able to help the individual navigate their own circumstance by focusing on options, insight and practical measures in equal measure. James’ style, whilst understated, is edged with humour and empathy. The value is emergent: I have found myself in sessions subconsciously thinking: “wow, so THAT is what i actually think about X” - the implicit becoming explicit in a moment. Insight such as these lead to obvious next steps and individual progress. For me, coaching has been (and still is) a journey; I feel really privileged to be sharing that journey with such an empathetic and insightful human as James. Whole-heartedly and whole-spiritually recommended.”
Portrait of Jenn Brabbins.
Jenn Brabbins
Operations Director at 3Sixty Digital

Focus My Energy
“James has been invaluable in helping me to realise my skills and focus my energy at a time when I was struggling to see the wood for the trees. He is knowledgable and motivating, with a relevant case study, book, quote or reference to hand for any situation. Working with James has been a pleasure, and of great benefit to my mindset holistically, both in and outside of work. Particularly through the pandemic, James has been an invaluable source of consistency, balance and buoyancy, for which I'm very grateful.”
Portrait of David Foreman
David Foreman
COO Runway East

Explore The Consequences
“To be honest, 6 months ago I was more than a little sceptical about coaching - if you’re totally new to it perhaps you can relate to my mindset. I simply didn’t understand it or even know what it was – I now get it, love it and know when I’m in need of it. I can’t articulate what it is better than anyone else so instead I’ll try to explain what I get from it. I’m an entrepreneur and founder of a tech start-up and as such I need to wear many different hats. My focus needs to shift from software engineering to marketing to company development to pitching to HR to funding to you name it. In an ideal world, each task would finish before the next starts – but this is not an ideal world. It’s no wonder that my thoughts become tangled, decisions get postponed and my anxiety rises. For me coaching helps me to articulate my vision, the decisions I need to make and explore the consequences of those decisions. It’s incredible how effective it is. If I’ve not had a coaching session for a few weeks I slip predictably back into a condition I now know is the ‘cloud of unknowing’. Coaching helps me to zoom out, take stock, look to the future and ultimately make decisions. A recent session with James stuck with me for days. We used Lego Series Play as a tool to aid in articulating the past, present, values and vision. Entrepreneurship really is a roller-coaster and I was in one of its dips at the time and it was the final vision exercise that stuck with me and helped turn my mindset. In this case, it was a simple realisation of why I’m doing this that reinforced my conviction that it was worth doing. Just one example of many.”
Ciaran Hughes providing a testimonial
Ciaran Hughes
CEO at Bluerock Project

Direction & Structure
“We had a great idea, we had great people, and we had great ambition. What we were short on was clarity, direction, and structure. Having very limited experience and knowledge in the online space, we were a bit lost and daunted by the perceived size of the task ahead. James enabled us to break it down into bite-sized chunks. Furthermore, he guided us to which parts should be tackled first. He gave great support and insight. I firmly believe that without James’ input we would be very far behind where we are now. I would highly recommend him to any start-up who wishes to supercharge their idea and get beyond the planning stage into making things really happen. We continue to work with James and consider him a central component of our adventure”
Portrait of Michelle Treacy.
Michelle Treacy
Revenue Assurance

Helpful Insights
James helps you organize your thoughts, provides helpful insights and reminds you not to sell yourself short. I would highly recommend James if you are looking to focus your ideas and turn them into actions.”
Bryan Walsh providing a testimonial for James O'Halloran
Bryan Walsh
Co-Founder Byrde; Dyson

Burning out, Becoming unhappy
"Before working with James I never really knew what made me tick from a work perspective. I kept going through a cycle of working hard, succeeding, burning out and becoming unhappy. James helped me navigate through and break this cycle during our sessions together, really getting into details on what work means to me, how I approach work and what needed to change to break that cycle. I now find myself in a role far more suited to these core values, which has had a really positive effect on my mental health and overall well-being.

There are no silver bullets, and this is ongoing work, but James has given me the tools to navigate through what was previously holding me back. If any of this resonates with you reach out to James - you won't regret it."
André Guzman
Founder Makicuna Coffee

Heavy Decision Making
"Running my own business comes with a lot of heavy decision making and often feel overloaded with plans, ideas, cashflows, etc. Having someone like James is really helping me to get clarity and focus in the important things that my business needs and to choose the right path for it. It is also helping me hugely to feel more calm about taking decisions. Thus far it has been an investment totally worth it."