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Team & Group Development Coaching Services

Transform your team with expert guidance. Build trust, resolve conflicts, and boost productivity with James O’Halloran’s tailored workshops. Unlock your teams true potential today!

What is Team & Group Development Coaching Services?

Let’s take a look at your current team and why perhaps it might be in need of some support and development.

  • Is your team new?

  • Is there a lack of trust?

  • Is there conflict between team members, creating a challenging working environment?

  • Are there multiple energies / personalities which are hard to bring together as a team?

If any of this sounds like your team then you’re in the right place!

As a Founder, CEO, department head or manager utilising Team Development workshop can be a game changer. Sometimes, in growing organisations, we are quick to throw in the towel when problems arise… instead, we can use those ‘problems’ as a gateway to high performance.

Team Development Workshops will bring a positive shift into your team resulting in better team morale, energised individuals and greater productivity, reducing toxic working environments and increasing success, for both your employees and your organisation.

Team building session session with participants engaged in a creative activity using Lego

What is Lego Serious Play?

  • LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a facilitation methodology developed at The Lego Group. Its goal is improving creative thinking and communication. People build with Lego bricks 3-dimensional models of their ideas and tell stories about their models. Hence the name “serious play”.

    • Who is your bad boss?

    • What is your dream position within your team?

    • What strengths do you bring to your team?

    Have you ever tried to answer these questions out of LEGO? Lego Series Play allows you to find freedom with your answers and step outside and see things from an alternative viewpoint? Lego Series Play is one of the best tools to use to express how we wish to work individually, coming together as a team.

    Leading innovators within their industries, such as Google and Nasa, use Lego Series Play, to get the best out of their teams, to enable growth, performance and creativity.

How do our Team & Group Development Coaching Services sessions work?


Through my Team Development coaching, I offer a variety of tailor-made bespoke services to suit your growing company’s needs.

  • Team Development Workshop ½ Days (on-site)

  • Team Development Workshop Full Day (on-site)

  • Team Development Workshop Away Days (on-location)


Team Development Workshop ½ Days

These workshops are delivered on-site in your offices, to reduce stress and planning, on your end. Half-day workshops usually run between 2-4 hours and will cover a mix of topics (see below).


Team Development Workshop Full Day

A full day of workshops, on-site in your offices, with a healthy mix of key areas for team development coaching. Running all day, with a break for lunch, these full-day workshops can be instrumental to the success and growth of your team!


Team Development Workshop Away Days

If you are really looking to bring your team together, to help both the individuals and the wider team evolve as one, then Away Days are a great way to create cohesion and receive some invaluable coaching. Away Days are usually hosted somewhere remote in the countryside for a day or more, for you and your team to switch off from work and instead switch on as a team.


The above workshops are all bespoke to your company’s needs – with ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ menu options to choose from – to help develop your team. See below some of the key areas we can bring together for your team to grow and unite:?

Graphic with the word "Communication" over a lake and mountain.


Learning best practices for effective communication across the team, that account for teammates’ preferences, whilst respecting boundaries.

Graphic with the words "Managing Personalities" over a mountain.

Managing Personalities

Managing the disparity within the team by looking at values and ensuring everyone is heard.

A colourful sunset over a lake with mountain reflections, labeled "RISK ASSESSMENT."

Risk Assessment

Working through the product roadmap and ensuring all risks are considered and mitigated.

A peaceful lake with rocky shores and mountains in the distance, labeled "SCENARIO PLANNING."

Scenario Planning

Through playful scenarios, learning to collaborate as a team with a laser focus on looking into detailed possible scenarios of what could be…

A lake surrounded by trees and mist with the words 'Strategy & Priority'

Strategy & Priority

An opportunity to give time to uncover the team’s priorities and work with implementing or creating a strategy.

A misty mountain range view, labeled "STRENGTHS."


Uncovering and sharing strengths across the team to capitalise on the innate, natural value of individuals and create effective collaboration.

A scenic view of a lake and mountain during sunrise, labeled "WAYS OF WORKING."

Ways of Working

Exploring day-to-day running of the team, such as frequency of meetings, 1-2-1’s, standups, socials and even how to raise concerns.

A graphic showing a layered mountain range, labeled "WEAKNESSES."


You’re only as strong as your weakest link! Surfacing weaknesses within the team to help everyone come together to negate them.

Ready to Learn More?

Each of the above would be delivered in approx 90 minutes. All of them will bring awareness, understanding and trust.

Each Team Development Workshop is bespoke and tailor-made specifically to suit you and your business’s needs. Through a Discovery Call we will discuss the challenges and opportunities your team is facing, and then build the best workshop to suit.