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No, I don’t just coach Tech Founders & Entrepreneurs in Bristol!

When I first started coaching I was so delighted to be in the profession I worked with whoever wanted to work with me. That was in 2015 and there were a lot less coaches, the need to niche didn’t seem as important.

I worked with a whole range of people including people in big organisations. But a niche appeared. I didn’t consciously create this, it found its way to me.

I noticed that after a while 100% of my clients were either Entrepreneurs. Founders. Co-Founders. Or Disruptors of some other title. They were all Innovators.

Perhaps this isn’t surprising after all like-attracts-like and having created a few businesses and worked at a high level within other people’s businesses I could be considered Entrepreneurial and Innovative. This is not that surprising given that my mum started a business when I was one, that was in 1980, what a rock star!, I can’t imagine there were many Female Founders back then.

I guess the other aspect is that I am Dyslexic and as most of us know there is a link between being entrepreneurial and being neurodivergent – seeing things differently or different brain-wiring! Also, the adversity of growing up feeling different our entire lives can create some badass resilience and comfort in taking risks.

But do I just coach Founders of Tech Startups? No. Again there is a resonance for me here with these clients as I started life as a Software Engineer so ‘I get it’, I get Tech.

What I have distilled is that I work best with people who want to disrupt… People who don’t just want to talk about change or stay stuck in the political or societal layer cake.

Whether my clients are disrupting the status quo or their status quo (eg, exploring a career change; determined to shed the layers of conditioning; or wake up from their unconsciousness) one thing is common. They are people of action. And, that action has a sense of urgency (often days, weeks months versus years and decades). They are people who know that their life is happening now and that their contentment with their life is important and within their influence.

The other thing I love about the type of people that are drawn to work with me is that they are also on a path of self-evolution. They get frustrated with their own performance or the lack of balance in their life. They get the sense that they may be driving with the handbrake on… But, they don’t just drive on they reach out and get support to release the brake and move more freely.

So I don’t only work with Tech Founders here in Bristol. I work with Innovators and Disruptors, the people that can’t sit on their hands any more.

And, as for Bristol. Well this is where I live and work, most of my clients are here and most of them meet me in person for a big walk. But I also Zoom. It’s the presence and connection between two souls that yields the results.

So even if you are not a Bristol-based Techy Founder if you are driven to make a significant change in- or with- your (work) life then feel free to reach out. I’d love to see if I can help 

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