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Let Go

The first time I got into a go-kart I sat there wondering why it wouldn’t go… I was so excited I had got in and just put my foot to the floor.

A worker came over to help me. Turned out I was fully foot-down on both the accelerator AND the break! I was probably 14, in my defence.

When I realise the error of my ways BOOM I was off like a shot.

We’re like this in life. I see it ALL the time with my clients and, most of all, myself. We want to move forward but we’re still holding on desperately.

Hope/ Energy/ Faith/ Belief/ Confidence/ Conviction/ Positivity on one side

Fear/ Worry/ Anxiety/ Apathy/ Anger/ Negativity on the other.

Look down at your metaphorical feet… Is one on the break? Just take it off. Let go.

You have been at a point when you have successfully let go so many times already!


  • In what area of your work (or life) are you stamping on the break and wondering why you aren’t moving forward?

It’s joyful and exhilarating when you accelerate, now just ease off the break! And if you need help, reach out to me.

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