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The Best Way To Understand Your Strengths (And Weaknesses) Is To Work With A Coach

The thing about strengths is that they can be hard to get a grasp on.

Having been an entrepreneur for a while now you probably have a sense of what your strengths are but can you really get your hands around them and leverage them?

How about your weaknesses...?

The sad truth is that most of the people in your company know what your weaknesses and blind spots are but they will do almost anything to avoid telling you because the security of their future is reliant upon you and their relationship with you.

Yet if you don't know oyur own weaknesses you can't delegate effectively and you end up working a lot harder than you need to.

The good thing is that you can use your Strengths to bolster your Weaknesses.

I use a psychometric tool to begin the process of understanding my client's strengths.

There can be quite a bit of cynicism about ‘personality tests’ and the like. I fully get this argument and disdain. However, I use tools as a starting point. As a conversation starter. They point in a general direction that we can then explore to see how accurate it is. In simple terms, the tools just speed up the process and introduce a language that’s helpful.

What about your weaknesses and the things that you find hard and that suck your energy? We will work on these in coaching to help you level up which is sometimes necessary, for example, if you have a weakness in communication it’s usually good to improve this. Whereas if you have a weakness or simply dislike the monotony of accounting then it may be wiser to delegate more of what you are carrying. Who to delegate this to and how? This becomes another exploration for coaching.

My clients improve their understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses through the use of my tools, but also because it’s my job to understand my clients and to help them to understand themselves in a practical way. Plus I find strength spotting easy and fun; it’s just a really nice thing to help people understand.

My clients don't just improve their understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

They can describe them to others, develop strategies based on them and simply enjoy the headspace, clarity and confidence that arises with this deeper level of self-awareness.

Freedom comes from becoming more conscious about your weaknesses because they then stop tripping you up.

Reach out to me so we can figure out your strengths and help you exploit them. And, uncover your weaknesses and help you either develop them; delegate them or use your strengths to reduce them.


Let’s get started 😉

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