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Business Coaching Services

Get the space and support you need to unpack and explore your business knots, the stuff we get stuck on and tangled up in.

What is a Business Coach and how can working with one help you?

Perhaps you’re exploring a massive opportunity and you’re unsure which direction to take the business in…

Or, you’re struggling to gain perspective on the future of the business as you’re swamped getting caught up in the operations, budget planning and decision-making.

Then Founder Business Coaching might be for you.

Working with a Founder Business Coach can give you space and help you come back to why you’re so passionate about what you do in the first place (this can get lost whilst you’re running the business!)


How does Business Coaching Services work?

As a Business Coach, I help people who want to disrupt the(ir) status quo. Having the opportunity to explore and unpack some of the challenges you’re facing in your business at present, will help give you a greater understanding of where you’re at now and where you wish to go.

Working with me will help to keep you accountable, and give you structure and support for your needs. Taking time out to step back and see things from all viewpoints will allow for greater understanding of which next steps to take – both professionally and personally.

Having a Business Coach helps:

  • Hold you accountable.

  • Gives you actionable steps.

  • And allows you to simply ‘offload’.

We will also explore who you are at your core and get under the hood – when we truly understand ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, values and motivations and what inspires us, this helps us align authentically with our ambition and goals which ultimately gives us peace-of-mind and a sense of freedom.

Sessions are either online or in person (if you live in or near the Bristol area).

Investment: £200 to £600 per session depending on: whether in-person or Zoom; business turnover / affordability and duration (usually 1hr if on Zoom and 2hr if in person).

Contact me for more info – and we can book you in for a free trial session.

Common challenges solved by Business Coaching Services

  • “Where do I want the company to be in 5 years?”

  • “Help me get out of the detail?”

  • “My Mental Health isn’t what it used to be…”

  • “What type of person do I need for this new key role?”

  • “Should we head in this or that direction?”

  • “What should I do about this employee who isn’t working out?” 

  • “I’m just not feeling it anymore… / I lack motivation.”

  • “I’m not sure I can lead this many people…”

  • “Should we take on investment?” 

  • “How can I communicate my vision?”

Business Coaching Services can massively help to support you

Often, as a Founder or Entrepreneur or Business Leader, we get pulled in many different directions – especially in the early stages of business…the exciting stages! But also we are as we’re growing.

We can feel overwhelmed with all the decision-making with everything resting on our shoulders, we forget to look after ourselves, and can burn out. Naturally this is not good for business performance or our personal lives.

When the business that you’ve created presents itself with a big opportunity for growth, then how do we successfully know which decision to choose for optimal success for you, your team and your business?

This is where Founder Business Coaching can massively help to support you. You’ll have the opportunity to take a ‘time-out’ and discover what’s going on and showing up right now.

A hand holding a compass with a blurred forest in the background.

“We are kept from our goals, not by obstacles, but by a clearer path to a lesser goal.”

—Robert Brault.