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Challenges — Essential for our Evolution

All Life-forms need obstacles and challenges in order to evolve. —Eckhart Tolle

We grow and succeed as a result of stretching past our comfort zone. Nobody wants an easy life, not really. Because that’s not where the reward is.

Yet facing the confusion and uncertainty of a challenge in work can be isolating, it can be stressful and it can keep us busy. We can get distracted and caught up in the grip of it all and become lost and stuck.

Having a good guide can help.

The first Executive Coach (or Business Coach or Life Coach) I ever had, 16 years ago, brought more value to my life than I could’ve imagined.

I was stuck. I felt like I was failing. He helped me take stock. Gain a fresh perspective. Acknowledge that I had made good progress. He helped me de-personalise and see the system around me and how it contributed to my experience.

Most of all he helped me get a better sense of who I am so that I could use the best parts of myself to have the impact I was craving.

Use your challenge as an opportunity to evolve.

And. If you are feeling stuck, get a guide to help you.

Coaches are guides

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