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Spiritual Coaching Services

Waking up to the fact that we are unconsciously ruled by our ego and by past conditioning (most of the time). Spiritual Coaching is about helping you figure out what you can trust when your thoughts and emotions are unreliable guides.

What is Spiritual Coaching Services?

Before we go into spiritual coaching in more detail, let’s see if it’s right for you…

  • Are you feeling lost, unsure of what ‘life’ is really all about?

  • Or maybe, nothing seems to be in flow, and instead, even the smallest thing is quite frankly ‘pi$$ing you off’

  • Or maybe, you know that you are destined for more, that work isn’t fulfilling, conversations with friends aren’t stimulating and you just know that there is more to life…

If the above sounds like you then let’s explore this thing called ‘spiritual coaching’ together


What does Spiritual Coaching Services involve?

Deriving from a Zen proverb, the phrase ‘the obstacle is the path‘ refers to the idea that no obstacle can be navigated just by avoidance; you must tackle it head-on. This school of thought insists that obstacles actually present opportunities for awakening.

During your Spiritual Coaching with me, we will deep dive into what’s showing up in your life right now. This will help you find peace, balance and contentment in your life. Shedding the layers of conditioning and the expectations of society. We will help you learn to be present, conscious and grounded. Understanding how we choose to respond to life’s bumps in the road and instead choosing joy and choosing to see and tap into the flow of life.

Together we’ll identify practices / habits / actions that you can take away and put in place to help you navigate more skillfully with how your life is unfolding.

Sessions are either online or in person (if you live in or near the Bristol area).

£200 per hour and I coach for one or two hours per session (it depends on what we think is best for you, we’ll agree on this at the start of working together). This can be reduced by buying a block of sessions. Get in touch and let’s chat…

How can Spiritual Coaching Services help you?

Spiritual is a word that’s been thrown around a lot recently, have you noticed that, but what does it actually mean?

For me, it’s about connecting to your SELF. It’s about really understanding – at the core – who you are.

    • It’s about understanding what to trust… your thoughts and emotions or something else?

    • It’s about walking up to the fact that we are unconsciously ruled (a lot of the time) by our ego and by past conditioning.

    • It’s about bringing consciousness to this and enabling conscious choice in our decisions and in how we live every moment.

Spiritual Coaching – awakening to life

To be at peace and live a well-balanced and meaningful life. To live in flow and in the present moment.

To have the wisdom to not identify fully with the thinking mind or emotions. Quite often, our thoughts and feelings are in cahoots with each other and take over the driver’s seat.

Instead, adopting a more conscious approach to what’s happening in our lives will result in much more inner peace and we will be in flow.

You are not going against the tide. You are being pulled in alignment with what is true to you, and not resisting what’s happening in the present.

Spiritual Coaching will help you to live a life with more consciousness, less ego, less drama and more purpose. You’ll feel in alignment with who you are and how life is unfolding right now.

But what does it actually mean to live more Spiritually???

  • It means, when you wake up and go to work, you enjoy and love the work you do – you are living in alignment.
  • It means, when you meet up with friends and loved ones, you are connecting with them on a deeper level, resulting in more stimulating loving conversations and moments shared, with little or no drama.
  • It means, when you come from a place of purposeful consciousness, you are not operating from your unconscious which can quite often leave you confused how you stumbled into ‘that argument / that conflict at work / that feeling of frustration’

Through my own journey, I’m incredibly passionate about living an awakened life, both professionally and personally, and I am on a mission to help support people who want to connect to their true SELF.

Areas where Spiritual Coaching Services can support you:

  • Feeling stuck / lost

  • Feeling deflated / uninspired

  • Easily annoyed and frustrated

  • Confused and not sure why?

  • Stressed and anxious and longing for more (whatever that ‘more’ is)

  • Not sure what you are doing and need some clarity

Isn’t it strange how princes and kings,
and clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
and common people, like you and me,
are builders for eternity?
Each is given a list of rules;
a shapeless mass; a bag of tools.
And each must fashion, ere life is flown,
A stumbling block, or a Stepping-Stone.

—Princes & Kings by R. Lee Sharpe