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Elevating Entrepreneurship: Embracing Euphoria and Idea Fulfilment with a Business Coach

I was reading a book recently and it spoke about the consummation of marriage. It’s not a very popular idea these days given that most people have already had sex beforehand.


Then I was out cycling yesterday — it was a stunning and quiet Monday morning. No traffic due to Half Term. My mind was quiet too, I was relishing the simplicity and beauty of exploring on 2 wheels.

A scenic countryside road with green fields and a clear blue sky.

Then a few ideas occurred to me. I began to get excited by them… 

I then realised what I’ve been doing all these years… when I am in a good place –aka euphoric while out cycling in nature– I just want that moment to last forever. As my mind idly drifts and I hit upon something I like, it feels great (because I feel great) and it grows into something exciting. This is all fine but in the past, I’ve made it my mission to ‘consummate’ that idea. 

I now understand that it was in the false hope of making that euphoric feeling last. After all surely if I build this new insert the ‘thing’ <product, startup, relationship or what have you…> I’ll feel euphoric again because of this euphoric moment.

No! Not necessarily.

We do not need to consummate all of our ideas (or impulses).

Nor do we need to allow our minds to escape from the beauty and rapture of the present, especially when we are enjoying a euphoric moment. 

I hope I remember this the next time. 

In fact, I hope I remember nothing the next time… I hope I just use my senses and stay being.

Does this idea make sense? Do you think you’ve ever had an idea or impulse that you’ve thought… “If I do that I’ll feel great” but you try and you don’t. And then you keep going, building, searching; for the euphoria that the idea was born from?

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