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A surreal artwork of a human profile with an explosion of colorful, tree-like structures growing from the brain, symbolizing creativity and imagination.

Is Coaching the New Love Drug?

When we look into the idea of business or career coaching, often people think it is a group of sessions designed to help you further

cutaway of a cartoon males head showing the internal emotions in his brain

The Best Way to deal with Inner Conflict

Understanding Parts has been a game-changer for me and my clients. But what is Parts Work? Internal Family Systems (IFS or Parts) is an integrative

A brick wall with a brick door

Challenges — Essential for our Evolution

All Life-forms need obstacles and challenges in order to evolve. —Eckhart Tolle We grow and succeed as a result of stretching past our comfort zone.

A red glowing, illuminated sculpture of a human brain set against a glowing blue background

Psychological efficiency

I was asked by a contact on LinkedIn, “what’s your best tip for establishing a new habit?” He had already covered the Tiny Habit (or

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